I will be in Japan for just over a month and my WCMT fellowship will take us all over Japan, beginning with Okinawa and Kyushu, then on to Kobe and Kyoto followed by Tokyo and then to Yamanashi and Hakone.  We will also be visiting Hiroshima at the end of the trip as it feels like a must see. But first to get over the jet lag and experience ‘the Hawaii of Japan’ we are spending a week on Tokashiki, which is a tiny island, way down in the south. We had to get a internal flight from Kobe to Naha and then a 35 minute boat ride from Tomari port. The island is only around 15km long and from the boat looks like a mass of deep green Forrest fringed with perfectly white beaches and turquoise sea.  The population of the island is around 700 people and since we have arrived in the off season it pretty much feels like we are the only visitors on the island. Even though it is due to rain for some of the time it feels pretty amazing to be on a tiny dot of land in the Pacific Ocean, so secluded and peaceful and it is breathtakingly beautiful as you look out to sea. The perfect place to relax before the busy weeks ahead. . 



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