Back on my travels 

The past month flew by so quickly in between Mexico and the upcoming trip to Japan. This time I won’t have my mum with me so it will just be me and my 1 year old Talitiu and my  Japanese apprentice Mariko who will be helping as my translator. We arrived into Kansai airport after the mega journey where we will be based in Kobe sannomiya for most of the trip. We left Mariko at the airport as she will spend the first week at her home in Kyushu while we go to stay with my cousin who lives in Kobe. 

The first thing I noticed about Japan as we drive along the coast past the steel and iron works is how even the industrial world is so carefully organised and clean it all looks as it works away at full speed, as opposed to the oppressive, dirty, ugliness of the industrial works we have in the UK. There was even a guy in a tractor washing the outside areas with sea water in his digger scoop. 

There is hardly any litter or rubbish on the roadside either which is really nice to see, a huge contrast to being in Mexico where rubbish is scattered all over the land everywhere you go where there is no system in place to get rid of it except for the people’s ingenuity in reusing  every scrap of wood, nail, screw or piece of material until it literally falls apart. 

 I am looking forward to learning more about their culture here and the Japanese way of doing things. 


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