A 3 hour bus journey from Masunte brought us to the misty mountains of San José del Pacífico where we will stay (in an amazing log cabin!) ready for our trip into the village of San Sebastián tomorrow. We are around 2,500 above sea level and the village is almost permanently enveloped in mist, but on clear days you can actually see the Pacific Ocean. The winding journey to get up there meant we literally were driving along cliffs most of the way which if you look down is pretty alarming, so it felt good to finally put our feet on the ground and reach our cabin just in time to catch the beautiful sunset.

Looking forward to tomorrow when we will visit Khadi Textiles in a village called San Sebastián Tutla About 40 minutes away. Here is some info about them..

We are working with 100 indigenous women in a small village of Oaxaca, Mexico, spinning organic cotton on the Gandhi wheel, replicated by local carpenters. Excited!

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