Feeling slightly dizzy with the adjustments in altitude we arrived in San Andrés Larráinzar which was pretty atmospheric with the highland mists rolling in every so often, giving it a kind of spookily quiet, cold feel. Clearly they didn’t receive many outside visitors here either as we got a lot of inquisitive stares and the moment you looked back and smiled, people would scurry away as quickly as possible.

We had spotted what looked like a group of women weaving away together in a building along the side of the road so decided to approach them to see if they would tell us more about their work. Unfortunately they said no. This wasn’t a shock exactly, if anything it was more of a shock that every village and family we had met so far had been so open about sharing information about their ways of life and about their work. The women here didn’t offer an explanation exactly but it was definitely a collaborative decision. There was a certain amount of shyness which contributed but also strong cultural divides and I think a certain level of mistrust about our intentions. We didn’t push it but we did ask if they would mind us taking a few pictures which they didn’t seem to mind at all.





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