Finally arrived in Mexico. After a 5 hour car journey, 9 hour flight to Dallas, endless security queues, another 3 hour flight to Mexico City, a 3 hour wait at the bus terminal and finally a 7 hour coach ride we finally arrived in Oaxaca where we will be based with my friend Rosie, who lives and works in Oaxaca as a self employed carpenter.

My first impression on stepping off the plane is how kind and helpful people are especially when they see you are travelling with a baby: whether it was the guy calling out before I had noticed my sandal lace had come undone or the couple with their two young boys in the bus terminal who made friends with Talitiu and chatted away to her with such openness and delight at her curly hair. People here have such an open gentle nature and we felt immediately at ease and relaxed even after our mammoth journey.

As my daughter is just 1 I decided to bring my mum, Linda, with me to help take care of her while I concentrate on my project; although I think it’s also quite fitting that we are here together as 3 generations, keen to learn about the passing of knowledge between mothers and daughter intricate weaving relationships.

I can’t wait to get started although we are going to spend the first few days recovering from our journey first.



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